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Ladybird - Fun facts.
• In many countries, ladybirds are considered to be good luck.
• When they fly, ladybirds flap their wings 85 times a second.
• Ladybirds don't chew up and down, the way people do. They chew side-to-side.
• The spots on a ladybird fade as the ladybird gets older.
• Ladybirds come in many colours - yellow, orange, pink, and red. Some ladybirds are black with red spots. Some have no spots at all.
• Ladybirds secrete a yellow oil from their leg joints that stinks and tastes bad.
• Birds don't eat ladybirds because their bright colours are a warning that they don't taste good.

Finally - new additions to the Filiokus range is emerging...

New colours for samples arrived last week - to blend in with our trademark colour range. Introducing pink!
The Butterfly dress in the making.

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